2nd, 3rd and 10th Kentucky Partisan Ranger regiments are treated in Johnson´s book on partisan rangers, Adam R. Johnson, The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army,
(Ed. William J. Davis), 1904, reprint 1979. On the 10th see also John B. Wells III & James M. Prichard, 10th Kentucky Cavalry, Hager Hill: Kentucky Regimental Publishers, 1996.

Menifee’s command is mentioned in Weaver´s book on the
Virginia State Rangers and State Line (see See below in the chapter on Virginia). Of interest on Kentucky guerrilla commands is Thomas Shelby Watson, The Silent Riders (Louisville, Kentucky, 1971).

The Kentucky Encyclopedia (Ed. Jogn E. Kleber), Lexington, Ky: The University Press of Kentucky, 1992, contains considerable material on leading Confederate Kentucky guerrillas.

There is a fairly wide range of articles, for instance on the causes of the Confederate guerrilla campaign in Kentucky, ”General Orders No. 59: Kentucky’s Reign of Terror” by James M. Prichard, Civil War Quarterly, Vol. X, pp. 32 – 34 and ”The Terror Of the Black Flag – Guerrilla Warfare In Meade County During the Civil War”, by Dr. Marshall Myers – 1999, The Kentucky Explorer, September 1999. On James Hardy Woodward, see Green County Review, October 1983, Vol. 7, No. 1 and Marcellus Jerome Clarke there is ”Accused Civil War Guerrilla Sue Mundy Met End Shortly Before War Ended”, The Kentucky Explorer, Vol. 9, No.3.

The books by Thomas Shelby ”Bob” Watson (The Silent Riders) and John Sickles (The Legends of Sue Mundy and One Armed Berry: Confederate Guerrillas, 1999) are referenced in the bibliography.

For details on Bill Davison see article in Owensboro, Ky, Messenger-Inquirer, of May 7, 1996 (”Southern Soldier’s Final Battle”).

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