Commanding officer: Major Samuel (Sam) S. Hildebrand

Hildebrand was born on Big River, St. Francois County, Missouri on January 6, 1836, the son of George and Rebecca Hildebrand.

He sometimes operated with Quantrill. Hildebrand operated in the territory along the eastern border of Missouri and Arkansas. Hildebrand had a brother in the Union army and one of his other brothers, Frank, was hanged by the militia.

Later when the militia went to hunt for Sam at his home, they killed his 13 year-old brother and then burned the house. Much effort was made to capture or kill Hildebrand because as long as he was alive, the Union supply trains and couriers in the eastern borderlands were never safe. Hildebrand was commissioned major by Confederate General Jeff Thompson, CSA, in the latter part of 1861 with orders to recruit any men he could find and report back to Thompson every six months. He was known to have killed thirty or thirty-two men, while Hildebrand himself claimed the number was more than 100. He had 20 men with him on November 25, 1863 when he attacked Farmington, Missouri.

Unconfirmed reports claim that during the war – and the years that followed – Sam and his men killed every member of the original militia organization who were accused of the crimes against his family. Because of his guerrilla activity during the war he was not allowed to live in peace after the surrender and became an outlaw after the war. He was killed on March 21, 1872, at Pinckneyville, Illinois, by law officers.

Sources: Unable to read or write, Hildebrand dictated his autobiograhy to Wendell Keith and James W. Evans. It was published at Jefferson City, Missouri, in 1870. He was killed on March 21, 1872, at Pinckneyville, Illinois by law officers.

Breihan; Bartels; O.R.; Ingenthron.

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