Commander: George M. Todd

Todd at one time served under Quantrill. He was born in 1839 and with his father was bridge contractor in Jackson County, Missouri before the war. The 1860 census of Jackson County said he was born in Canada and was aged 20. His father, George A. Todd, age 51, was born in Scotland. The census also stated that they were stone masons and lived in Kansas City, Missouri.

Todd went into the Confederate army before the engagement at Rock Creek and fought with the Missouri State Guards until January of 1862. Todd joined Quantrill in January of 1862 and was at the battle of Independence, August 11, 1862, Lawrence,

August 21, 1863, Baxter Springs, October 6, 1863, Fayette, September 20, 1864, and Centralia, September 27, 1864. He was killed October 22, 1864, two and a half miles northeast of Independence, Missouri (Sugar Creek area) by a Federal sharpshooter. He is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Independence.

Sources: Edwards, McCorkle, Castel, Brownlee, O.R., Bartels, Connelley, Western Journal of Commerce, May 28, Aug. 20 and Oct. 29, 1864.

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