The chapter on Missouri guerrilla bands and partisan ranger units would not have been possible to complete without the Eakin & Hale book mentioned above.

Woodson’s unit operated irregularly in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in late 1864-65.Mike Meoli of Salisbury, MO, was very helpful on Woodson’s command.

On Hildebrand and his command see Carl W. Breihan, Sam Hildebrand, Guerilla (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, 1984).

On the guerrilla war in Missouri in general see also Patrick Brophy, Bushwackers of the Border (Nevada, Missouri, 1980); Elmo Ingenthron, Borderland Rebellion : A History of the Civil War on the Missouri-Arkansas Border (Branson, Missouri: Ozarks Mountaineer, 1980).

For details on Jackmans Regiment see Behind Enemy Lines: The Memoirs and Writings of Brigadier General Sidney Drake Jackman. Compiled and Edited by Richard L. Norton. Foreword by Bruce Allardice. (1997)

Sidney Drake Jackman’s contributions to the Confederate efforts in Missouri have been largely overlooked by historians. One need only read the reports of the Federal commanders who opposed Jackman to see the importance they placed in their efforts to capture him, kill him, or drive him out of the state. The book is a compilation of Jackman’s previously unpublished manuscript, newspaper articles, letters, and his report ofGeneral Sterling Price’s 1864 Campaign into Missouri.

Bruce Allardice, author of More Generals in Grayin the foreword writes: “For many of the battles and skirmishes Jackman relates, Behind Enemy Lines is the best, and often the only, source, and is thus of great value to historians…Sidney Jackman’s is not a story of grand campaigns, of bemedalled generals, of horizons choked with the sight of uniformed thousands, of war “in all its pomp and circumstance.” Rather, his is the story of war in all its grim reality. Behind Enemy Lines will take its rightful place as one of the classic narratives of Civil War army life.”

To decipher the sources referenses above this list is provided:

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(later editions available).

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Newspapers, Journals

Liberty Tribune (weekly), Liberty, Missouri, 1860-1866, 1870.
Missouri Republican, St. Louis (tri-weekly), 1860-1865.
Western Journal of Commerce (weekly), Kansas City, Missouri, 1860-1865.

County Histories

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History of Saline County, St. Louis, 1881.
History of Shelby County, St- Louis, 1884.
History of Vernin County, Missouri, St. Louis, 1887.

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