Commanding officer: Colonel Jacob B. Biffle

Biffle was originally lt. colonel of the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry Battalion (Biffle’s). Then he was colonel of the 6th (1st) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment and this regiment was a newly raised regiment.

The organization of the regiment was completed, with Biffle as colonel, in October, 1862. The regiment operated irregularly but also fought in regular battles such as Parker’s Crossroads in December, 1862.

In the spring of 1863 the regiment was in West Tennessee skirmishing with Union units. Union sources claimed Captain M.L. Kirk’s Company in the regiment as killing Union men.

After the Battle of Chickamauga the regiment served in General Wheeler’s Cavalry Corps. The regiment also took part in General Forrest’s Raids.

In 1865 the regiment was in General Bell’s Brigade and was paroled at Gainesville, Alabama, in May.

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