This organization, authorized by an act of the Virginia General assembly in March, 1862, with nine companies was later consolidated with the 3rd Virginia State Line. Some companies were already in operation. The companies were to operate behind Federal lines. The area of operation was on the northern, western and northwestern frontier of Virginia.

Each company was to have 75 men. Battalions and regiments were authorized, but never formed.

Among the companies was Captain George Downs’ also known as the Moccasin Rangers. It was organized in Calhoun County in July, 1861, already. The company was later transferred to the Virginia Stat Line and later Company A, 19th Virginia Cavalry. Downs’ through the irregular activities of the company angered Confederate General Henry Heth to the extent that Heth called it “an outlaw band”.

Downs’ Company held several factions. One was led by Perry Connolly and the other by Jach Tuning (possibly Chewning, see unit underneath).

Virginia State Line

Command section

Commanding officer: Major General John B. Floyd

Colonel Richard Carlton Walter Radford

Major Isaac H. Carrington, General Staff

Captain Thomas E.Davis, Adjutant

(and others including aids, surgeons etc.)

General Floyd was born 1806 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Secretary of War under President Buchanan 1857 – 1860. Passing away in 1863 he is buried at Sinking Springs Presbytarian Church Cemetery, Washington County.

1st Regiment

Commanding officer: Colonel Richard Carlton Walter Radford

Lt. Colonel Henry M. Beckley

Major James A. Nighbert

Companies: 10

Counties: Wayne, Logan, Boone, Cabell, Wyoming, in the Commonwealth of Virginia and West Virginia

2nd Regiment

Commanding officer: Colonel William Elisha Peters

Lt.Colonel James Harrison

Major Martin Van Buren Ball

Companies: 10

Counties: Russell, Dickensen (formed 1880 from Wise, Buchanan and Russell Counties), Pike (Kentucky), Wyoming, Wayne, Cabell, Logan, Boone in the state of Virginia.

Organized before December 1862 and comprised both infantry and cavalry.

In January 1863 the regiment was stationed in Saltville. Some of the men later served in the 21st Virginia Cavalry.

3rd Regiment

Commanding officer: Colonel John N. Clarkson

Lt.Colonel Thomas B. Swann

Major Peachy G. Breckinridge

Companies: 9 (cavalry and infantry)

Counties: Calhoun,Gilner, Webster, Braxton,Jackson, Harrison, Ritchie, Taylor, Pocahontas, Preston, Wirt, Roane and Lewis County, the Commonwealth of Virginia and West Virginia.

Most of the men of the 3rd Regiment later served
in the 19th Virginia Cavalry.

4th Regiment

Commanding officer: Colonel Nathaniel M. Menifee

Lt.Colonel William A. Jackson

Lt.Colonel William Winston

Lt.Colonel/Colonel David S. Hounshell

Major John T. Raadford

Companies: 10 (infantry and cavalry)

Counties: Logan, Grayson (Virginia), Ashe and Alleghany (North Carolina), Wise, Carroll (Virginia), Kanawha, Cabell, Stokes (North Carolina), Patrick (Virginia), Floyd (Virginia), Scott (Virginia) Counties.

Largely raised by Col. Menifee as an independent command to operate in East Kentucky.

5th Regiment

Commanding officer: Lt.Colonel David S. Hounshell

Lt. Colonel David Edmundson

Major C.H. Preston

Companies: 8 (infantry, cavalry, field artillery)

Counties: Logan, Pike (Kentucky), Dickensen, Tazewell, Botetourt Counties.

The regiment camped for some time in the vicinity of Wytheville but in late 1862 moved to Abb’s Valley in Tazewell County. When the Confederate conscription law came to include Virginia the regiment was dissolved and many joined Menifee’s unit.

Fontaine´s Regiment

Commanding officer: William W. Fontaine

Companies: 2 (known)

Col.Fontaine after the war lived in Kentucky and was on the editorial board of the “Southern Bivouac” published by Basil Duke.

The men were recruited in Pocahontas County in January – February 1863.

The Virginia State Line in all probably had around 4,600 men in service.

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